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Meem Transformers – Leading Manufacturer of Transformers in India

Meem Transformers Pvt. Ltd. is recognized Transformers manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad, India. We manufacture a wide range of high quality transformers which are engineered for best performance and assessed for dependability.

Our products are known for their top notch quality, durability, and dependability. This is because of our accentuation on design, engineering, and manufacturing. We cling to global guidelines by gaining and adjusting most recent advancements alongside in-house R&D. We welcome your particular enquiry for both the standard as well as the custom designed units for each class of transformer for any application which can be prepared within shortest period.

Meem Transformer is one of the best transformer manufacturers in Ahmedabad that also engaged in supplying a gigantic scope of Control Transformer. The organization has a high yearly turnover and also engaged with a tremendous customer base across India. We are the Best Transformer Distributor and the offered products comply with a wide range of businesses and also government guidelines practiced throughout the world. Our clients incorporate large original equipment manufacturers and engineering, securing and development firms just as end-users in private industry, universities, government, utilities and others.

Transformer Manufacturer India

We have an abundance of knowledge in manufacturing transformers; we offer a wide scope of designed and cost effective transformers according to exclusive requirements with insignificant lead time. A large number of the electrical circuits utilized in organizations have different transforming uses. It is additionally important to know the operating theory, the design, and the kinds of transformers we make in different analog circuits.

 A transformer can be depicted as a static system that assists with changing electrical force in one circuit to electrical power of a similar frequency in another circuit. The voltage might be increased or decreased in a chain, regularly with an equal ascent or decline in current ratings.

Types of Transformers

Single Phase Control Transformer: A single phase transformer is a sort of power transformer that uses single-phase altering current.

Three Phase Control Transformer: Three-phase transformers are a sort of transformers that are utilized to change voltages of electrical system with three phases.

Line Communicating Choke: Line chokes are utilized to provide improved protection against over voltages on the line supply.

Transformer Manufacturer, India Single Phase Control Transformer Three Phase Control Transformer Line Reactor Chokes  Exporter, AC DC Line Chokes Supplier

Control Transformers Manufacturer & Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

A control transformer is an isolation transformer intended to provide a high degree of optional voltage stability (guideline) during a short period over-burden condition commonly referred to as inrush. Control transformers are utilized in an electronic circuit that requires consistent voltage or steady current with a low force or volt-amp rating. Different separating devices, like capacitors, are utilized to minimize the varieties in the output. This results in a more steady voltage or current.


  • To provide intensity in cost with ceaseless improvement in quality.

  • Assurance to deliver products on time.

  • To give ideal usefulness through improved working strategies and inspiration of the employees.

  • Ensure contribution and cooperation of our employees through successful correspondence and preparing consistently.

Our Range of Products in Market Sector

  • Power Transformer

  • Distribution Transformer

  • Isolation Transformer

  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

  • Power Saver

  • Step-Up & Down Transformer

Our developed group offers you with all kind of electrical devices expected to facilitate with transmission of electricity in different spots.

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Data Centres

  • Generation

  • Transmission

  • Distribution

  • Power Protection

  • Industry

  • Health Care

Transformer Manufacturing India Market Characteristics

  • Robust Design

  • Affordable Price

  • Well-Designed and Secured

  • Better Performance

  • Highly Efficient

  • Higher resistance

  • Less Maintenance

Why Us?

We have a group of experts who are exceptionally committed towards their work. Their insight and skill help us in taking care of different tasks to ensure that our customers get high quality products.

Our Team

Our creative group has faith in teamwork and works at a goal of achieving tremendous fulfillment to our regarded clients. In our group of specialists, we have selected experienced engineers, professionals, quality analysts, sales and marketing personnel, R and D personnel and packaging & administrative personnel.

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