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Control Transformer

Meem Transformers Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of control transformers. We have an abundance of knowledge in manufacturing transformers; we offer a wide scope of designed and cost effective transformers according to exclusive requirements with insignificant lead time. A control transformer is an isolation transformer designed to provide a serious level of secondary voltage strength (regulation) during a short period over-burden condition commonly referred to as inrush. Control transformers are generally used in an electronic circuit that requires consistent voltage or steady current with a low force or volt-amp rating. Different filtering devices, like capacitors, are utilized to minimize the varieties in the output. This outcome in a more consistent voltage or current.

Control Transformers Manufacturer

The benefit of utilizing a control transformer is the ability to transfer a steady voltage and its ability to deal with extreme current peaks. Control transformers can supply power which is more secure and more productive and they can be utilized for high voltage applications. These transformers are capable to deal with inrush current magnificently utilization of lower voltages in a control circuit provides the workers utilizing stop and start buttons in a hazardous climate with security.

Specification of Control Transformers:

1 Brand Meem Transformers
2 Used As Power Source to suit typical voltages Currents.
3 Ratings 10VA to 10KVA (Single/ Two Phase).
4 Frequency 50Hz to 1KHz, Sine Wave
5 Voltage 110V to 1KV or Customer Specified
6 Applications Control Panels, Electronic Equipment Controllers, Machine Tools, SPMs, Robotics, Cranes, Hoists, Lift Control Panels, Audio-Video Equipments etc
7 Number of Phases Single Phase, Two Phase, Three Phase
8 Primary Voltage Up to 750 VAC
9 Cooling Forced air / Air natural
10 Enclosure Protection As per request
11 Winding Material Aluminum / Electrolytic Copper

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